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JessicaKirk “Every time I travel, I park at Diamond Airport Parking!  The service is amazing!  They pick you up and drop you off right at your car, and the Valet service will start your car for you and bring it to the front, so you don’t have to climb into a cold car in the middle of winter!  Great rates, safe lot, friendly staff, and a dependable shuttle service.  I love  Diamond Airport Parking!”~ Jessica Kirk
MichelleMolly “‬Diamond Airport Parking makes the trips I take with my daughter so much easier. You park and then they take care of everything. You don’t have to move your luggage and kids anywhere. The bus picks you up right at your car. I can focus on my daughter and our trip. If you get in late at night it’s a much safer place to pick up your car. I have recommended Diamond Airport Parking to friends and they love it too.”~ Kim I
JimHanley “I’ve been parking at park and jet for many years. It’s a great place to park. I do valet parking so the car is warm in winter and cool in the summer. I like the car wash and the people who work there. I would not park any place else. Thank you Diamond Airport Parking for your great service!”~ Jim Hanley
JohnRose “I don’t want to worry about my car when I’m on vacation. The lot at Diamond Airport Parking is more secure than parking at the airport. We get picked up right at our car so we don’t have to walk with our luggage at all until we get to the airport. The drivers are friendly and professional. It’s cheap and fast. And the free car wash is nice too. We love Diamond Airport Parking!!!”~ John & Rose B.
KayRand “We live in Chugach and fly out of Anchorage at least twice a year. Once we discovered Diamond Airport Parking we use it all the time. We get good service. They help us with our luggage and make everything easy. You get to the airport fast and you get back to your car fast. We think it’s the best place to park by far!”
~ Kay Rand

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