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How It Works

Self Parking

Pull a ticket, the gate will open. Drive through and find a parking space in either our covered or uncovered parking spaces. Park. Leave your lights on or stand behind your car to help our shuttle drivers spot you quickly.

The shuttle driver will assist you with your luggage. You’ll be given a ticket with your stall number and our phone/text number for when you return.

Upon your return and once you have all your luggage, call/text and we’ll pick you up and take you directly back to your car. Don’t forget about our free car wash!

You’ll pay for your parking when exiting our lot. If you are a member of our corporate travelers program, you’ll by pass the cashier and be able to exit faster with your key card!


  1. Text the word ARRIVAL, followed by your NAME & AIRLINE to: 907-891-8683

    after you have retrieved your luggage.

  2. Please proceed to pick up location, center island, under the sign that reads “Permitted Courtesy Vans/ Off Airport Shuttles.”

    Alaska Airlines – Baggage Claim 1-3

    All other airlines – Baggage Claim 4-8

  3. Fill out the survey for us in your confirmation text, and save this number in your phone for next time!

Questions? CALL us: 907.677.7275 —



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